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We welcomed Eli and Elvis to the YO1 Studio!

Yesterday was so exciting over at The YO1 Radio studios as we have a visit from Elvis and his family! Yes Elvis was in the building! and he was just gorgeous. Black Labrador Elvis is Eli's support dog who graduated in May this year and has already saved Eli's life in more ways than one. He stopped Eli going in front of a car and also quoting Eli " He is the best friend ever I don't know what I would do without him". Rebecca spoke to me briefly, before their interview live with Jonathan Cowap, and explained just how much Elvis helps everyone in the family and especially Eli's Autism. When he has his harness on he knows he's a working support dog - once off he's a fantastic pet for Eli and his two brothers too. So Super Heroes wear harnesses too! 

The main thing I want to get across from this, is to highlight the Support Dogs charity as it may be something you might want to consider and not realised it was there. Or maybe you want to find out more on how to help them. supportdogs.org.uk

With Autism, situations can be very overwhelming and scary - it can cause stress and feeling uncomfortable. Having a support dog means they are  everything to these children. They are comforted and helped by these animals. Having a dog myself, I totally understand what a pet can mean to your life. Well Done Elvis and thank you to Rebecca and Eli for coming in to talk to us.

Rebecca, Elvis, Eli and Jonathan Cowap

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