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No its not me but a very special bear at Treasurers House York!

If you go down to Treasurers house today you are sure of a big surprise! The whole house is decorated for the Christmas season. The Joy of it, is that many volunteers come together to make a lot of the decorations and they are so clever and professional. I went along to meet Rebecca - the Visitor Experience Manager, and got a full history lesson as I asked all the right questions! (plus I just love history and imaging myself in the era!)

What a beautiful house, gardens and cafe! I have been before but never caught the history of it and really thankful that the Frank Green decided to give the house and all its contents to the National Trust - everything was kept right down to the furniture and ornaments. it means you are stepping into Downton Abbey. Each room, this year, is decorated to represent a journey of the Edward Greens life. An inventor of The Greens Fuel Economiser, which is still used today. He spent many years travelling the world because of this and had adventures along the way. This is where my mate the bear comes in and its a great story ...... I'm not telling you! go see it.

Just a bear and Greens Picnic!

Weather in North Yorkshire

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