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James of Jorvik Tricycles and how he helped his dad with Parkinsons

I wasn't sure what to expect but being invited to try out a tricycle in a new warehouse had me intrigued! Yes you can go try before you buy in an indoor circuit. I was there to chat to James Walker the owner about his why. His Father, Stuart. was a very independent man who got Parkinsons Disease. He didn't want to go in a wheelchair - he wanted to keep some independence but couldn't ride his bike. this is when Stuart found it really difficult to find a trike and so he went into business himself. He prides himself on still keeping the charity line by offering support on who give allowances and funding for those in need, due to medical reasons.

Now to me trying a Tricycle! Should be as easy as riding a bike, yes? erm NO! I just wanted to lean as I do on a bike but as shown by James, I  needed to treat the handlebars like a wheel! It also felt like I was going much faster. After a few times I was getting better then i tried an electric one too! the reason James and his team have moved to a warehouse in Wheldrake is for that very reason, so people can go along and try out different trikes - its got a circuit for you to ride around including road signs. We wish him well in his new premises.


Yo1 Radios Julie Blackburn with James Walker of Jorvik Tricycles

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