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Helping out at Hoping Street Kitchen

Every Sunday, the Hoping Street Kitchen set up a pop up restaurant in the grounds of Kings Manor in York. This charity works so hard to feed the homeless and those who simply cannot afford food in these hard times. Helen and Jayne are two fantastic and dedicated ladies, who get chefs and cooks to make superb menus each week. Everyone involved does this for free so it is only the ingredients that they need funds for. It means that every week there are so many options of meals and of course beautiful puddings (lovely and warming for winter) 

I went along on Sunday to help out - the session is 2.30pm - 4pm (in all weathers) and wasn't sure what to expect. The whole experience, however was so humbling and joyful. Everyone came from all walks of life, no one is judged and everyone has a listening ear if its needed. I was on the Food Bank table (items kindly donated by Farmfoods) and was able to hand out essentials as well as chocolate bars as a treat. People were so polite and grateful and it was set out so they could chose, rather than just given items. The same is for the food tables - with options and a menu (everything made from scratch and nutrients galore) Its giving people a choice and a feeling like they belong that got me the most. Many circumstances have left people without homes and not much money, however its good to see that they are treated like anyone else at Hoping Street Kitchen. The group also have information from all charities in York if they see someone in need. They hand this out and also chat. What a brilliant service they provide. I left thinking why can't the world do more, but glad people like Helen, Jayne and their volunteers are around. They are always looking for chefs, cooks and volunteers - you can get in touch by emailing: jayne.venables@outlook.com

You don't have to do every week - just make a difference when you can.

helping in the grounds at KIngs Manor

Weather in North Yorkshire

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