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A beautiful visit to the York Minster Christmas Tree Festival!

Over 60 Christmas Trees are adorning York Minster this year. All part of their festival in its 3rd year. Businesses, Schools and Charities have joined in to design the best Christmas tree! Walking through is like a magical wonderland and the trees are beautiful. The Schools have decided to go with the reusable for decorations and are so creative. The businesses are showcasing very cleverly and they do pay to charity to do this. The Charity ones really caught my eye. Each with their own message and many very powerful. We have fantastic charities and volunteers here in the city, we are so lucky with the help out there. Talking of volunteers there are over 70 at the York Minster, who pride themselves with a lot of knowledge. Please remember to tell your friends and family if you live in the York area that you can visit for FREE! (all of the year!) Get on the bus, take a picnic and go along to visit this festival. Affordable for everyone! There are also lovely prayer and wishes trees where you write a note and tie it on the branches. All in all a lovely experience that left me feeling festive - Thank you York Minster.

just one of the decorations to give you a sneak idea!

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