The Wedding Guide UK


After distributing over 500,000 copies of The Wedding Guide UK magazine in almost 20 years, publisher Liz Clark is widely recognized as one of the most well-known and best loved characters in the UK wedding industry today.

Recently, a broken ankle gave her the time of enforced inactivity to finally do something about a brilliant idea which had been milling around at the back of her brain for the past few years. Now there was no excuse but to get on and put together a compilation of all the wedding planning advice she has gathered together over this time.

“What took me so long? I knew it was a great idea and when I finally got delivery of my beautiful new book everyone agreed with me too.

Planning your wedding is the best, most exciting thing you will ever do in your whole life.  It is a fabulous time but can also been stressful if you don’t know where to start. Well you do now!  I created this book especially for YOU.  You can use the book as a journal to record your plans and hopes. It will help you to visualise your fabulous wedding and the life you have ahead of you with the person of your dreams. It is packed full of advice and beautiful pictures to inspire you. You will even see pictures from a real vintage wedding – Tim & I got married in 1975 so it is great to look back and see the hair and fashion from over 40 years ago (it was the ‘70s after all).

So, (cue the drum roll) I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of the newest addition to our wedding planning family, Your Planning Starts Here… which is literally the beginners guide to planning your wedding (or refresher course if you have done it before). For only £9.99 + P&P you can order a copy now and we will send it in the post for you straight away."