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Touch for Health Level One Course

We tend to follow a general outline like this, but not strictly in this order:

The origins of Kinesiology / Touch for Health

The Art and Science of Muscle monitoring

Switching On: Physical / Energetic / Emotional



Harmonising top & bottom, left & right, back & front

Eyes and Ears

Hydration Check

14 Muscles and 14 Meridians


Meridian brush (general)

Muscle dance

Balancing with:

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Spinal reflexes, neurolymphatic points, neurovascular points, meridians, muscle origins and insertions, food

Surrogate balancing

Posture awareness

Simple pain techniques

Goal balancing

Emotional Stress Relief

And we have a lovely shared lunch, and lots of fun! 

Contact June Tranmer

Wellbeing in York, Room A2 The Raylor Centre

01904 927157 / 07932 163602  

for further information


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