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Unrest: A movie about M.E. That you must see!

The Jen Brea ME Film ‘Unrest’ To Be Shown At City Screen York On 1st November 2017

Jennifer Brea was pursuing a Ph.D at Harvard when she was struck by a mysterious ailment that wreaked havoc on her body. Previously energetic and well-travelled, she suddenly found herself inexplicably tired, fatigued by simple tasks and struggling to walk. At times, she could not even get up after a fall.

Physicians initially told her it was all in her head, but Brea was eventually diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), was recognised as a neurological disorder by the World Health Organisation in 1969 and can affect the cognitive function, mobility, speech, concentration and things such as light and sound can be extremely debilitating. It causes a broken energy production system and has a huge effect on the immune system.

This illness affects many people across the world. Estimates are 250,000 in the UK and there are likely to be around 800 people in the York area with ME, some 200 of them being severe, which means house or bed bound. “Unrest,” a film Brea made to chronicle her struggle with the disease, offers insight into the impact of the often misdiagnosed disease. The Sundance Film Festival award winner is a must see for all wishing and needing to know more about this illness.

Unrest is coming to City Screen York and will be showing on Wednesday 1st November at 8.45 pm. Tickets will be available from City Screen York

Please spread the word through your GP, MP, Company HR Teams and any other people of influence you may know. If you live in the York area and need support or information, please visit our site at:

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