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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

The sun is shining out in the deserts of Egypt, but in the shade of the pyramids

Mother Mollie Baba isn’t too pleased.  The lack of rain has played havoc with her

umbrella sales.

Despite her second son, Ollie’s continuous stream of new (and invariably ridiculous) jobs times remain hard. 

But never fear, for her eldest son, Ali, has an idea.  With the upcoming birthday

celebrations for Princess Pashmina, Ali has arranged for the Family Baba to pitch

their wares to the Sultan and Sultana (His Currant wife!)

So off they head to the Palace, brollies in tow.. 

Meanwhile, in the depths of his desert lair Arte Farte, is plotting his vilest scheme

yet on his planned trajectory to become ruler of the world. 

With is band of thieves (there’s at least 39 they say) he’s stealing his way to the top.  But his next target is his most audacious yet!

Will Arte Farte achieve world domination?  Can the Baba family, with the help of

the Desert Fairy save the day?  Will there be a beautiful love story, riotous slapstick, big song and dance, old jokes and an energetically performed song sheet?

There’s only one way to find out!

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Event Details

Written By: Howard Ella

Ticket Prices -   Adults - £14      Concessions - £12      Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children) - £50

Matinees - Saturday 6th , Sunday 9th and Saturday 13th December at 2.00pm

Evenings - Saturday 6th - Saturday 13th December at 7.30pm (no Sunday evening performance)

Special Group Rates of £8 per ticket for groups of 10+ on the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings - call number below to book groups!

Book tickets online by clicking here or for telephone bookings call Helen on 07927 026071