Pounds For Pounds is YO1 Radio's 12 week challenge, although you can join whenever you wish. We are raising money for Diabetes UK, to combat diabetes and help with research into this crippling disease. If you or know somebody taking part in this challenge, thank you for showing your support, not just through donations, but in friendship too!

If you are taking part, just copy and paste this link: DONATE and ask them to donate direct and mention you in their donation - Thank you too for your donation in advance

Thanks to Xercise Fitness in the shopping centre, Haxby, you we are helping you slim down with some delicious, but nutritious meals. You can download the how-to guide below, by pushing the buttons

Once you’ve had your hearty meal, try a Hiit (High intensity interval training) session, courtesy of SLM Health and Fitness. Push the button below and this will reveal a 20 minute workout, perfect for everybody or anybody that doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands, but would like to get fit. Whilst you’re at it, take a photo or short video of you doing the workout and post it to our social media @thisisyo1 on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

Please complete the form beloW if you’d like to take part and the reason why

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