Mount Physicists Win Ogden Trust Awards

Two Mount Senior School pupils have been named to receive an award for School Physicist of the Year from the Ogden Trust.

Daisy Smart (College I) and Clare Treacher (Year 10) will each receive a book token and can apply to become an Ogden alumna, which entitles students to future scholarships and academic opportunities.

Clare was nominated for her extra-curricular pursuit of Physics studies, attending Isaac Physics masterclasses at the University of York. Daisy was nominated for her general ability within the subject as well as her Extended Project Qualification, based on time travel and Einstein’s theory of relativity, which looks at time dilation.

“There are many capable physicists at The Mount Senior School,” said Physics teacher, Paul Davies. “It was not easy, actually, to select a single nominee for Years 10 and 12, but both Daisy and Clare have a clear passion for the subject and, should the girls choose to apply for it, would make excellent Ogden alumae.”

Adrienne Richmond, Principal of The Mount School, said today, “Congratulations to Clare and to Daisy for this brilliant achievement which opens a path to valuable career opportunities beyond their school years. The Mount Senior School has a well-earned reputation for achieving excellent results in STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) subjects. Because The Mount Senior School is a girls’ school, girls take centre stage and are free to pursue academic excellence without distractions or gender stereotyping. The girls here enjoy a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to pursue their love of learning.”

The Ogden Trust was established by Sir Peter Ogden in 1999 to promote the teaching and learning of Physics. Recent revealed research from Microsoft found that even a little exposure to real-world applications of STEM knowledge will dramatically improve girls' outlook for STEM career potential, and that encouragement from teachers has a significant positive impact on girls' interest in STEM. 

Clare and Daisy will attend an awards ceremony at the University of York on Thursday 28th of June.