Appleton Roebuck hosts its very own ‘Royal’ Wedding

Photographs taken by Anthony Chappell-Ross

The bride arrived at the church in an open-topped car today in Appleton Roebuck, near York, when children from Appleton Roebuck Primary School staged their very own version of the Royal Wedding in All Saints Church.

The wedding was the idea of headteacher Andrea Commins – who was also responsible for both the wedding cake and the bridal party’s flowers – when children commented that they did not know what happens at a wedding. “So many weddings these days are adult-only events, which means that children often miss out on attending the ceremony, and have no idea what to expect,” comments Mrs Commins.

“We wanted to be sure that they understand what is happening during tomorrow’s Royal Wedding, so followed all the steps of a traditional church wedding with the school children today.”

The bride was Olivia Adams (7), playing the role of Lady Olivia Appleton, and her lucky groom was Lord Roebuck, played by Ellis Sykes (8).

The ceremony was conducted by Rev. Chris Coates, and after the happy nuptials, with confetti as they left the church, a street party awaited them back across the road at the school.