Tackling Local York Homelessness Through Music

"Homelessness is a feature of our society, it isn't new and it will probably never go away."

Words from Graham Blueskies, a local York man trying to raise £5,000 to help tackle homelessness in York, with beneficiaries to include SASH

Graham says:

"Some years ago I left a music gig that I'd help to set up and noticed a man in a doorway. I dropped him a few coins, he thanked me. Over the coming weeks this happened with the same man and some of his friends, and graduated to me buying sandwiches and drinks from a local late night fast food outlet. One evening I only had a £20 note in my pocket and the fast food outlet was closed for refurbishment. I gave nothing.

Feeling very ashamed of myself, when I got home I decided to create a voucher scheme that allowed me to leave money at a sandwich shop and hand out the vouchers. This scheme is small and still running in York.

This process brought me into contact with others, and since then I've done some small fund raising events to help local organisations. As an amateur song lyricist/poet I wrote a poem about how I imagined it might feel for someone who is homeless. Now after help from friends it has been crafted into a song."

You can listen to it FREE by following this link https://thepenitentsfeatjesspenn.bandcamp.com/releases

Money raised will be used locally in York to help those struggling with homelessness and to contribute to funding the voucher scheme: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/graham-blueskies

More details can be found at www.blueskiesam.co.uk or email info@blueskiesam.co.uk