Expert on Raising Healthy Teenage Girls to Speak at The Mount

“Girls Need Guidance to Grow Into Young Women With A Strong Sense of Their Boundaries, Values And Dreams” says Expert

Expert on parenting girls through the teenage years to give public address at The Mount School York

With one in four girls recorded as having been clinically depressed by the time they turn 14, the statistics for girls thriving in their teenage years are bleak, yet aren’t improving. Author and founder of Rites for Girls, Kim McCabe, will address a public lecture at The Mount School next Monday evening to talk about working toward a goal when no-one has to say #MeToo by building girls’ confidence and giving them the tools to grow into healthy young women with a strong and sure sense of their own boundaries, values and dreams.

Kim’s organisation, Rites for Girls, works proactively and preventatively, training women to facilitate Girls Journeying Together groups to prepare preteen girls for adolescence and guide them safely through their teens, and also offering coaching to mothers in creating rites of passage for their daughters.

Kim has collected her experience and advice into her book, From Daughter To Woman, which will be on sale at Monday’s event. Divided into three parts, Kim’s book starts with the approach of puberty, proceeds through the chaos of adolescence, and finishes with a celebration of the young woman-to-be. She deftly shows how mothers can guide their daughters, lay good foundations for healthy relationships through the teenage years and giving mothers the language to talk about puberty, periods, romance and depression.

Later in 2018 and early 2019, Kim’s Girls’ Journeying Together will launch its first group in York with trained facilitator Rhiannon Silver-Gilmore.  Opportunity to join the first group will be offered to girls aged 10-12 in Yorkshire. Rhiannon says, “This is such a powerful experience to give our girls and I absolutely love being part of it. I am passionate about the work of Rites for Girls and believe that girls thrive as they make the transition from girl to woman if they have the guidance of a strong female community around them.”

Principal of The Mount School York, Adrienne Richmond, said today, “The Mount is well established leading light in girls’ education and we are delighted to host Kim’s talk in York.  Her exciting work in helping young girls and their mothers will by extension help expand women’s space in the modern world. With the right support and guidance, we know girls can achieve their dreams.”

About Kim: Kim is the founder of Rites for Girls CIC, which since 2011 has offered year-long Girls Journeying Together Groups, support for mothers and training for women wanting to support girls. Kim studied psychology, child psychology, women’s studies and criminology at Cambridge University before working as a counsellor to distressed teenagers. She has also worked as an assertiveness trainer and business management consultant. She has contributed to Steve Biddulph’s global best-selling book Ten Things Girls Needs Most to Grow Up Strong and Free.

The Mount School York has an Open Day on Saturday 13 October. The Mount is the UK’s only Quaker school for girls.