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North Yorkshire author Rosemary J. Kind is celebrating the launch of her new novel, New York Orphan, with a series of firsts. Although this is her tenth book, it will be the first one to receive a major bookshop launch. It is also the first in a new series of books for the 52 year old - and the first time she has written historical fiction. 

New York Orphan follows the early life of Daniel Flynn, whose family flee the Irish Potato Famine in 1853. In a story with many parallels to recent times, Daniel’s parents die on the boat to America and at the age of seven he arrives in New York as an orphan. The novel follows three children as they are swept up by the Orphan Train Movement, which over a 70 year period relocated 200,000 children from East Coast America to find homes with families further West.

The story hinges on the very different experiences of the three children.
“I am very excited about the launch,” said Rosemary. “I’ve lived with this story for the last couple of years and it is great to be able to finally share it with a wider audience.” 
“I want my writing to challenge the way people think. Whilst the book is essentially a story about the strength of bonds of loyalty when it means risking everything, there is enough of the history for readers to see some of the real tragedy behind these situations.”

Continuing to look at some of the key issues in history, she now plans a follow on novel which picks up the campaign for votes for women in America in the 1870s. The launch takes place in Waterstones, York on 15th November from 7pm and is an opportunity to meet the author and learn more about the real life history that inspired the novel. It is open to the public, booking is advised 01904 620784

Rosemary – who is based in a village near Easingwold, writes in a number of fields, including the daily blog Alfie’s Diary (  She has penned that for nearly 12 years and was recently listed as the number three UK Pet blog.  As Editor at Alfie Dog Fiction, her hobby is developing the Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed in the UK and she is currently completing a book about the breed.

New York Orphan ISBN: 978-1-909894-35-8 is priced at £10.99 for the paperback and £3.99 for the ebook. It is published by Alfie Dog Fiction.