Haxby Memorial Hall

Haxby Memorial Hall was first built as The Board School in 1876 and has had several extensions through the years as the population in Haxby has increased. In 1956 the Board School was closed when a purpose built school was built elsewhere in the village. At that time the building was renamed Haxby Memorial Hall.

After 130 plus years, the wear and tear on the older parts of the roof is becoming quite apparent.

Slates are slipping due to the nails corroding and the possibility that a large amount of rotten timbers will have to be replaced is great.

The Management Committee would like to preserve as many of the original slates as possible which, of course, means sensitive removal of every slate beginning at the very start of any work on the roof. The extent of the work needed on the timbers will become apparent once the slates have been removed.

Haxby Memorial Hall has started a ”Raise the Roof ” Appeal to try and raise the £70,000 needed to replace the roof.

This demonstrates how much money has been raised so far.

The Fundraising team has already, and is continuing to, put on varied events ranging from coffee mornings to a Last Night of the Proms Concert which was held in late 2014. Larger grants towards the work are being actively sought.

£14,000 has been raised so far, but this is small fry considering the amount they need, so fundraising must and will continue.

If you have any ideas on fundraising events we can hold or where we could try and gain some funding towards the work required, please get in touch with one of the Trustees of the Hall, their details are available from the internal notice board in the Hall or you can send an email via the website.

Alternatively please ring Denise Moss, Chair of Fundraisers on 01904 761825

Chris Marsden

Vale Radio, Unit 1, 16 The Village, Haxby, York, York