Canal and River Trust - Naburn

Canal and River Trust took over our Inland Waterways after the government disbanded British Waterways a couple of years ago. The government also intends to stop funding for the waterways within a few years. All income will then have to come from CaRT's property portfolio, or licence fees from boaters etc. They are now relying heavily on voluntary support.

In our Vale of York area, we have four navigable waterways in their care; The River Ouse, (tidal to Nayburn locks), which leads through York and Boroughbridge to the Ripon Canal, The Selby Canal that links the Ouse to the Aire (and thus to the rest of the waterway system), the River Derwent, that is navigable from Barmby Barrage to Elvington, and the Pocklington Canal that is navigable to Melbourne, but might be reopened to Pocklington Canal Head in the near future.

The CaRT office for our area is in Leeds.

Nayburn Locks is an interesting industrial heritage site, ideal for picnicking and watching boats. It is a large site, and quite labour intensive to look after, hence the appeal for volunteers.