Alice & Ceri from The Bishy Weigh talk to Chris and the Feelgood Breakfast Crew

A new weigh and buy shop is going to be opening on Bishopthorpe Road which will sell products without lots of wasteful packaging.

The idea was inspired from watching the Blue Planet where the horrors of waste plastic was brought to the nations attention. The shop will sell various products from cereals to washing powder and it is a return of the old fashioned big scoop shopping. People will bring in their own containers and bags and then they will fill what they want and reweigh and pay.

The Bishy Weigh will provide the people of York with a new, environmentally conscious, and friendly way of shopping. They will be offering wholesome food choices and local produce, on the wonderful Bishy Road high street! By bringing your own containers and bags you can buy exactly how much you need, freeing up cupboard space, reducing food waste, and helping reduce the amount of single-use plastics.